Dave & Dana

Rex and Dana believe in keeping it “All In the Family.” They are father and son. Specializing in true family entertainment, they perform over 300 shows every year across the US. Rex is known for his comedy and illusions, while Dana, a chip off the old block, is a master if sleight-of-hand. Together, their shows are a non-stop roller coaster of fun with audience participation, magic, and comedy.

Rex has been performing for over 30 years and has wowed audiences with his zany brand of comedy magic.

Dana was honored to be chosen as the Grand Champion of Close-Up Magic at the prestigious Daytona Festival of Magic.

While their motto is “If you can’t have fun, you might as well stay at home”, each show emphasizes the importance of the family unit and keeping those family ties strong and vital.

You’re really going to enjoy this Dynamic Duo of Magic.

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