Lecture Topics

“This is a Balloon” (Part I)

A hands on lecture for beginning balloon artists. Everything you’d ever want to know about types and quality of balloons, pumps, and accessories. Also, each class learns to make several basic and easy sculptures.

“This is a Balloon” (Part II) “Balloons Everyone Should Know”

Students will learn to make 10-12 of the most popular, simple balloon sculptures.

“Entertaining & Making Money at Festivals”

How to make over $1,000.00 a day at outdoor events. Tips on who to contact and how to get the job. Promise and deliver a show each hour to organizers. Between shows, your site is abuzz with activity and fun. What to offer children and adults including face painting, balloons, souvenirs, and the latest crazes: hair coloring & tattoos.

“Shows for Festivals & Outdoor Events”

Festival organizers are always looking for fun, fast paced shows the whole family can enjoy. Several show ideas, involving audience participation, guaranteed to delight and get you invited back year after year. Everything from Musical Pies to Water Sponge Relay. Also tips on who to contact and how to get jobs.

“Give ‘Em a Show”

How to take the next step from beginning performer to show professional. Adding shows to your resume increases your performance fees and the demand for your services. Specific ideas and guidelines for birthday party shows and high dollar stage shows. Warm-ups and greetings. Audience participation. Magic. How to end every show with thunderous applause.


“Nice Work If Now You Can Get It”

Whether you’re a busy part-timer or a full-time professional, this lecture contains info on making your business grow by leaps and bounds. I started 9 years ago with less than $500 and today perform over 300 shows a year and employ 6 part-time performers. How to set up an office or even a retail store front. Equipment you have to have, and what you can do without. Advertising, publicity, what to charge, and services you should offer are all covered.

“The Strolling Entertainer” (aka “Magic On the Move”)

Grand Openings or festivals require you to entertain & greet many people, usually over a large area. This presentation of comic routines & simple self-working magic will make you the “star” at any event. Also covers basic costuming & props, and most importantly, who to contact & how to get these high paying, high profile jobs

“Lots of Yuks for Under 5 Bucks”

Entertaining doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. This presentation contains over 20 bits of magic & fun that can be carried in a grocery bag. All are self-working, cost little or nothing, and none over $5. Great for Birthday parties, walk-arounds, or stage.

“Fun & Games with Balloons”

A fun, fast paced, interactive workshop teaching games & activities using balloons. Great for indoor & outdoor events. Featuring Rocket Balloon Races, Balloon Stuffing, Balloon Football, and more. No Balloon Twisting skill required.

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